I Am Perspective

Dialogue series & trainings aimed at creating a united society fostering empathy, awareness and growth through genuine human connection.


I Am Perspective

Empathy through perspective


Who is I Am Perspective

IAP is committed to a policy of non-discrimination in employment and in the provision of all services.

I Am Perspective curates programs that are intended to nurture and respect each and every shared perspective, providing a safe space for all, free of judgement or personal inhibitions stemming from societal pressures, like the need to be ‘politically correct.’

With targeted explorative questions, every conversation also challenges participants to dive deep within themselves to uncover the “why” behind their current perspective. The group and one-on-one dialogues present an opportunity for sharing personal insights and subsequently, IAP-goers have a chance to gain a new perspective.

What’s Up Next?

After the year that was 2020, we are eagerly looking forward to a monumental 2021. 

Our next event will be the 2021 Men’s Conference.  A day packed with dynamic special guest speakers, panelists, workshops, giveaways, and our signature dialogue. Register by clicking the button below, and get your early bird tickets!


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I Am Perspective is a social community ready to bridge the disconnect of humanity and gain unity through conversation, empathy, and understanding.