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What Is I Am Perspective.

I Am Perspective

We Believe Empathy Can Change The World.

We believe empathy can change the world, and even the business culture has begun to adopt that ideal. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Empathy—the ability to read and understand other’s emotions, needs, and thoughts—is one of the core competencies of emotional intelligence and a critical leadership skill.” We too believe empathy enables us to connect with others in a real and meaningful way, however, at I Am Perspective we have learned that the path to connection and understanding is paved through perspective.

Nussy and Jo’rell explore the depths of human interaction by reintroducing one-on-one dialogue to a society inundated with social media and technology. Both natives of Queens, NY (the epicenter of diversity) they created I Am Perspective to unify people in a safe space that honored each individual’s perspective. Their goal is to introduce a new way of effectively communicating with one another in schools, the workplace, and in our communities.

Community Workshops

I Am Perspective curates community workshops on perspective and empathy, providing a safe space for group and on-on-one dialogues that present endless opportunity for new personal insights.

Unconscious Bias Training

After years of studying perspective we created “The Unconscious Bias Training” designed to equip  you with the proper tools to address your limiting biases, and how they may affect your business and personal life.  

Corporate Workshops

We believe there is a conversation to be had at the workplace. We see the wave of diversity trainings and know how important Perspective is in employee interactions. We have a series of corporate workshops for any Corporate setting.


I Am Perspective is a social community ready to bridge the disconnect of humanity and gain unity through conversation, empathy, and understanding.