Jo’rell is an international award-winning spoken word artist who has transformed over 15 years of experience into an entrepreneurial career of writing, performing, and teaching poetry. He has won countless poetry slam competitions and has been featured everywhere from open mic venue and historic venues, to high schools, colleges and universities in over 50 cities around the country.

He is a teacher, creator, and curator of poetry and writing at all levels of education. He co-created I Am Perspective (IAP), an interactive one-on-one dialogue series in 2017. IAP aims to create a united society by fostering empathy, awareness, growth and genuine human connection through open and honest dialogue between all races, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political views in an open, safe, non-judgmental space. In four years he has hosted over 150 IAP events in 3 different cities brining meaningful conversation to schools, institutions, communities, and the workplace.

He is currently enjoying the success of his 4th published book, while preparing for an even greater expansion on the philanthropic work already done with I Am Perspective.

Dialogue series & trainings aimed at creating a united society and foster empathy, awareness and growth through genuine human connection.

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