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“Our DEI training with I Am Perspective was an excellent experience. Admittedly I was very nervous with how my team would respond to the training. Little did I know how great I Am Perspective is in making everyone feel very comfortable & not afraid to be vulnerable which is extremely important in breaking down many of those barriers. If your team is looking for a more holistic approach to DEI training they are the one’s for the job.”

Ardell Romez

Old Pal

“Our training with I Am Perspective sparked more introspection and inspired action from our team than I ever thought possible. Their training style was so warm and inviting that everyone on our team was willingly able to share their stories and perspectives. I definitely recommend working with IAP in any group setting to find common ground, acknowledge different perspectives, and move forward together as a team”

Myra Hassaram

Old Pal

“Nussy & Jo’rell are both leaders making a much needed impact through I Am Perspective. Their passion and commitment to having everyone be heard, through empathy and understanding, is evident through all the work they are doing. They have dedicated their business to helping humanity heal through, one conversation, one event, one mask, at a time – and we are proud to watch it grow and change people’s lives.”

Afrin & Iman Khan

Red Elephant

I Am Perspective has done a beautiful job of cultivating intentional space for dialogue. I have had the privilege of being an attendee as well as a panelist. Both experiences were so powerful. They are great about centering community and empathy to encourage honest critical analysis of life and all the beautifully tragic things that make it up.

Latchmi Gopal

Candidate for City Council, Bronx, NY

“The very first IAP meeting, I learned the power of sharing my perspective without apologizing. And that it is very unique and I cannot take that for granted. It gave me an opportunity to love myself more. Hearing other people’s perspective has opened me up to be curious and ask questions. “

“I’ve been looking for ways to help the community, going to endless workshops and it’s always people who claim they’re experts who want to tell you what to do. You guys are the first ones to ask me what we think…like actually bringing it back to the community”

“I felt such a sense of fulfillment exchanging perspectives with others at IAP! I felt my experiences were validated and my voice valuable.”

“The dialogues shared within IAP has helped me to revisit beliefs and values that were instilled in me from a little girl. I challenge my thoughts around other races and cultures often, because I understand how easy it is to mistake ignorance and lies passed on as facts. As someone who loves to serve others it’s important to me to hear the voices of those who aren’t mainstreamed. IAP is a safe space and no matter what happens within the four walls of the venue I always leave feeling empowered and like my voice was heard.”

“I Am Perspective gave me a space to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions in a safe space. Also, when my emotions began to “speak” louder than my intelligence the facilitators were able to redirect the energy and move the conversation forward. I Am Perspective continues to be a space where I feel comfortable talking about the uncomfortable social, political and economic topics of today.”

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