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I Am perspective

We believe empathy can change the world, and even the business culture has begun to adopt that ideal. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Empathy—the ability to read and understand other’s emotions, needs, and thoughts—is one of the core competencies of emotional intelligence and a critical leadership skill.” We too believe empathy enables us to connect with others in a real and meaningful way, however, at I Am Perspective we have learned that the path to connection and understanding is paved through perspective.

Nussy Alam


Jo'rell H. Whitfield


Nussy is a first-generation Bengali American and grew up in Queens, NY. Exposed to political life early in life- her father was the first South Asian to be elected to public office in New York – Nusrat attended the DNC at the age of 16, interned with a former U.S. Representative and worked for a NYC Councilman.

Believing she could make a greater impact beyond the contentious world of politics , she co-created I Am Perspective (IAP) in 2017. IAP aims to create a united society by fostering empathy, awareness, growth and genuine human connection through open and honest dialogue between all races, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political views in an open, safe, non-judgmental space.

Her vision encourages others to stand firmly with their views while making room for possibilities. Currently Nusrat is working on her memoir Tin Huts to Palaces”, exploring her life and perspective as an American Born Confused Desi (ABCD).