Since 2017 we’ve hosted hundreds of conversations around New York City covering topics from Black Mental Health, to NYC Educator perspectives. We’ve serviced the community out of our own pockets, and have created safe spaces for dialogue in homes, communities, and local business. We’ve facilitated panel discussions, and orchestrated several performance shows for the people.
We’ve found our way into several schools in different boroughs, teaching the art and importance of conversation to students. When the pandemic hit, we pivoted our business to hold empathetic spaces for New Yorkers coping with a new reality.
We partnered with a local seamstress and began creating masks for essential workers. We gave out hand sanitizers, cards and other PPE to the needy around New York, while reestablishing our conversational skills into DEI workshop training. We also continued to work virtually with underprivileged children supplying them with art supplies for several different projects. And in the last year we have been cultivating a community of writers to create an anthology book titled “We Are Perspective,” which aims to collect the many stories of people’s existences through these unprecedented times, because everyone’s perspective matters!