youth advocacy

Workshops, Trainings, and Special Events for the youth

Our Youth’s Perspective Matters.

We’ve taken our years of skill, training, and personal development to create enriching programs that invigorate the imagination and give voice to our youth.

Youth Dialogue Series

We bring our Signature Dialogue Series to youth settings where we explore perspective and introduce empathy.

Community Projects

We’ve partnered with several companies to bring fun and unique arts & crafts projects to youth virtually, and in person.

Youth Podcast

Continuing our work to create space and give voice, we’ve used our IAP Radio podcast to speak with and interview the youth.

Showing students the Power of Perspective.

Our youth are ready and prepared to open up and discuss the many issues they face. We are here to create a safe space for them to explore, identify, and express themselves freely. We have created trainings, lessons plans, and curriculums built around empowering the youth with their voice and perspective.

Great feedback from our scholars

“I’m grateful for the conversations that we had. You really changed my point of view on things. I wish you guys would’ve stayed longer, but I hope you come back soon to see my perspective growth. Next time let’s get into a deeper conversation.”

— 10th Grade Scholar

“Thank you for coming and presenting to us. The presentation was very fun and interactive. You guys changed the way I look at things, and to put myself in other people’s shoes, instead of judging them. Thank you, and I would love for you guys to come back again.”

— 11th Grade Scholar

“Thank you for coming to our school. It was really fun and it was good to have a program like that. The both of you guys made this a really safe and welcoming enviornment. You made it easy to talk and I really appreciate the experience you’ve given me.”

— 11th Grade Scholar

9th Grade Scholar

8th Grade Scholar

9th Grade Scholar

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