youth programming

Workshops, Trainings, and Special Events for the youth

I Am Perspective provides carefully curated workshops, training, special events and resources to meet the needs of the Community, Students, Teachers and Parents.

Social Emotional Learning

Emotional intelligence has gained priority, but we believe it is also important to exercise emotional proficiency. We teach how our words and actions affect one another, and how we can choose differently.

Multicultural Conversations

  • Biases & Stereotypes
  • How To Be An Ally (How to be a better friend)
  • Effective Communication/ Working with others
  • Empathy Building Journals
  • Chats & Crafts: IAP Guided Activity & Conversation Book
  • Empathy & Leadership Building (workshops/coaching)
  • Perspective Shifting: Gaining perspective and seeing both sides

Writing Workshops

As published authors, we understand the power of your voice expressed in written form. Our customized workshops create safe, healing spaces to explore identity and create awareness and empathy for diverse cultures and representation.

  • Creative Writing
  • Multicultural Reading Lists
  • Connect with Local & Diverse Authors
  • Get Published: Student Book Anthology Project
  • Perspective Shifting: Learning how to write from another point of view

    Youth Dialogue Series

    Hundreds of events and a thousand and one conversations later, we understand how to get people talking in a safe, respectful way. This allows us to create healing spaces and an opportunity to overcome barriers together.

    Multicultural Conversations

    • In one of the largest, most diverse school systems it is important to understand the diverse lived experiences of all. We can facilitate conversations to meet the needs of your student body/school (Black, Latino, Asian, LGBT and Multicultural Perspectives)

    Identity & Belonging

    • The Student Perspective (providing a safe space for the kids to talk and express themselves openly and also moderating conversations between kids/parents and kids/teachers

    Shifting Perspectives

    • Perspective-led dialogues encouraging small group development and leadership coaching
    • Did You Know Facts & Leader Highlights & Reading Lists
    Great feedback from our scholars

    “I’m grateful for the conversations that we had. You really changed my point of view on things. I wish you guys would’ve stayed longer, but I hope you come back soon to see my perspective growth. Next time let’s get into a deeper conversation.”

    — 10th Grade Scholar

    “Thank you for coming and presenting to us. The presentation was very fun and interactive. You guys changed the way I look at things, and to put myself in other people’s shoes, instead of judging them. Thank you, and I would love for you guys to come back again.”

    — 11th Grade Scholar

    “Thank you for coming to our school. It was really fun and it was good to have a program like that. The both of you guys made this a really safe and welcoming enviornment. You made it easy to talk and I really appreciate the experience you’ve given me.”

    — 11th Grade Scholar

    9th Grade Scholar

    8th Grade Scholar

    9th Grade Scholar

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