speaking and facilitating

Speaking and Facilitating 

Great feedback from Past Participants

Nussy and Jorell,  this was my golden token/ticket in, I am very grateful for all the initiative taken to get this personal/business project done into a professional mechanism that will definitely shift the gears in the playing field across many expertise.

The dialogues shared within IAP has helped me to revisit beliefs and values that were instilled in me from a little girl. I challenge my thoughts around other races and cultures often, because I understand how easy it is to mistake ignorance and lies passed on as facts. As someone who loves to serve others it’s important to me to hear the voices of those who aren’t mainstreamed. IAP is a safe space and no matter what happens within the four walls of the venue I always leave feeling empowered and like my voice was heard. 

“The very first IAP meeting, I learned the power of sharing my perspective without apologizing. And that it is very unique and I cannot take that for granted. It gave me an opportunity to love myself more. Hearing other people’s perspective has opened me up to be curious and ask questions. “

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